Event Summary

This week, the Scottish Government published the initial 2-year delivery plan for the Dementia strategy from 2024 to 2026. Holyrood Insight’s conference is ideally timed to look at the key priorities and deliverables, investment and best practice for delivering Everyone’s Story in Scotland

Chaired by Alzheimer Scotland, Holyrood Insight’s Delivering the New Dementia Strategy for Scotland Conference will be a timely opportunity to assess the next steps for dementia policy and practice across Scotland following the recent publication of the Dementia Strategy.

Join us to understand what is needed to meet delivery targets and uphold the core principles of the new Dementia Strategy: participationaccountabilitynon-discrimination and equalityempowerment and legally protected human rights.

Expert speakers will explore key issues central to the success of the new Dementia Strategy, from workforce development to improving care and support for those from marginalised communities. Crucially, we will hear lived experience from those living with dementia.

We will share practical insights into adopting a community-based approach to dementia care and support.

From diagnosis to end of life care, learn what high quality, person-centred and trauma-informed practice looks like and how this can be delivered against the backdrop of current pressures.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, network, and strengthen your approach to dementia care and support for individuals across Scotland.

Free places for people who are living with dementia and carers to attend the conference. Please email info@holyroodinsight.com to apply.

* New Dementia Strategy for Scotland: Everyone’s Story, The Scottish Government, May 2023

Key Points

  • Outlining practical ways to improve dementia diagnosis pathways
  • Enabling people with dementia to live well and participate in their community
  • Providing timely advice and support for those living with dementia
  • Ensuring staff are skilled and equipped to best support those living with dementia
  • Strengthening support for carers and families
  • Learning from the voice of lived experience