Event Summary

We are delighted to bring you advance notice of Holyrood Insight’s Domestic Abuse Scotland Conference taking place in Central Edinburgh this October.

The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee has recently reported that progress following the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018 has been too slow*. There is still more to be done to strengthen support for victims, increase reporting and break the cycle of offending.

Holyrood Insight’s Domestic Abuse Scotland Conference will be a timely opportunity to assess current provision for domestic abuse victims, and examine what is needed to improve support moving forward. Against a backlog of cases following the pandemic, we will discuss national priorities for tackling domestic abuse and how policy and funding can support those at risk.

Join us to hear expert insights on key issues which are central to improving outcomes for victims, including:

  • Putting victims at the heart of domestic abuse policy and practice
  • Breaking the cycle of crime: tackling repeat offences
  • Fostering a strong multi agency approach to tackle domestic abuse

With the widening definition of Domestic Abuse under the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act, it’s important to understand different types of abuse, for example coercive control and emotionally abusive behaviour, and the impact these can have on victims.

*BBC News, May 2023

Key Points

  • Redefining domestic abuse
  • Best practice in adopting a holistic approach to victim support
  • Putting victims at the heart of the judicial system
  • Addressing challenges and opportunities surrounding reporting
  • Domestic abuse perpetrator interventions: what works?
  • Improving experiences and outcomes for domestic abuse victims