Event Summary

Amidst a pivotal period of recovery and transformation for the health and social care system across Scotland, what remains clear is that developing a strong workforce is key to securing the long-term stability of the sector.

Audit Scotland’s recent report highlights that workforce capacity is the biggest risk to the recovery of NHS services in Scotland1. Research shows that both Brexit and Covid-19 have impacted the adult social care workforce, and in 2020 there was a 43% vacancy rate across the social care sector2.

Against this backdrop, we will assess the national priorities for building sustainability in the health and social care workforce, with renewed commitment from the Scottish Government to deliver improvements in workforce planning, attraction, training, employment and wellbeing, by 20263.

We will review progress against the five key pillars in the National Workforce Strategy for Health and Social Care:

  • Workforce planning
  • Attracting talent
  • Training and progression
  • Employment and retention
  • Nurturing and supporting wellbeing

Join us, face to face in Central Edinburgh, for the opportunity to learn from peers, share ideas, network and strengthen your approach.

1 Audit Scotland, February 2023

2 Scottish Government, June 2022

3 The Scottish Government, April 2023

Key Points

Join us to hear expert insights from across the sector as we deep dive into central issues including:

  • Using workforce planning to spot emerging gaps and pressure points
  • Projecting demand, collating and analysing workforce data
  • A spotlight on succession planning
  • Supporting a pipeline of talent coming into the profession
  • Developing digital skills and careers
  • Empowering unpaid carers
  • Building supportive and inclusive workplace cultures
  • Developing a trauma informed workforce
  • A spotlight on entry-level pathways