Course Summary

Hybrid working brings new complexities and challenges for managers and leaders. As we move to a new working world, changing how we lead teams and manage employees will be crucial to ensure to ensure productivity, retention, and successful outcomes.

Understand how as a manager or leader you can better manage teams working in hybrid working environments. Learn how to adapt your management style and actions to motivate teams.

Join our Hybrid Leadership and Management Training to deliver consistency, ensure performance and drive results in your team. We’ll explore the nuances of developing successful hybrid teams including monitoring results, adapting communication styles, and structuring effective team meetings.

You will explore what an effective hybrid leader looks like, and how to balance expectations across the office and working from home. What is your leadership style? Understand how to adapt your style when working with hybrid teams and what styles are effective, and when.

Take part in practical exercises to improve your management and communication approaches as a hybrid manager. Join breakout sessions on motivation, wellbeing and providing flexibility. This training will provide you with practical tools to review and improve your management skills.

Course Outcomes

  • Exploring the complexity and current challenges with leading hybrid teams 
  • Building trust and fostering positive working relationships to retain staff
  • Maintaining staff wellbeing: offering support and preventing burnout
  • Delivering feedback in a hybrid working environment
  • Recruiting and onboarding staff successfully in a hybrid environment
  • Practical takeaways to help improve performance, productivity and retention