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In March, against the backdrop of two years of unprecedented, pandemic challenge, the Scottish Government set out its first National Strategy for Health and Social Care in Scotland. This new framework, co-produced with COSLA, aims to support the creation of a sustainable, skilled workforce over the next decade.

Join Holyrood Insight’s timely Conference as key experts and practitioners examine the new aims and investment, based on principles of Fair Work. We will look at the five key themes in the new framework: planning, recruitment, training, employment, and nurturing staff.

We will explore strategies for supporting workplace wellbeing and psychological safety, moving away from the blame culture toward cultures of collaborative working.

You will gain practical advice, on diversity and inclusion targets, ensuring the life experiences of your workforce match those of the population they treat. We will discuss solutions to improve gender and ethnicity representation across senior positions; and share insights on supporting and attracting disabled people into your workplace.

Key Points

  • You will learn about achieving the tripartite ambition of Recovery, Growth and Transformation
  • You’ll hear about the frontline Health and Adult Social Care spending investment plan
  • We will discuss the five-year NHS workforce recruitment strategy
  • You will hear about other recruitment ambitions: like the new Centre for Workforce Supply, the focus on social care recruitment, and boosting undergraduates and GP numbers
  • You’ll benefit from expert advice on job satisfaction, sustainability and retention, through the Fair Work Standards
  • We will look at steps for a healthier workplace and effective wellbeing interventions
  • You will understand how to ensure health and safety through work-based training
  • We will discuss, in detail, strategies for improving diversity and inclusion
  • You will take away practical insights into how to organise your workforce and improve services through integration and joined up working across health and social care, and through new communication pathways and networks across the sectors.
  • We will look at public perception: how can you transform a staffing crisis into an opportunity, building a positive public image of what it’s like to work in health and social care.
  • You will hear about effective and engaging continual professional development (CPD)
  • You will learn about the Government’s plans to publish, for the first time, projections of required workforce growth this Autumn.